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SK hynix CES will soon unveil two new 128-tier 4D NAND products !

Publié :31/12/2019 01:15:09

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The latest news is that SK hynix will launch two consumer PCIe NVMe SSD "Gold P31" and "Platinum P31" at CES 2020.It is worth noting that the new SSD will be equipped with SK hynix 128-layer 4D NAND for the first time. Based on the advanced manufacturing process, it will bring invisible competition pressure to other SSD brands.

SK hynix's new SSD is the preferred high performance solution for customers seeking to run terminal applications such as multimedia and demanding PC games, a SK hynix spokesperson said.The SK hynix Gold P31 and Platinum P31 SSDS, which debuted at CES, will continue to expand in the us, while SK hynix's "SuperCore" series of consumer SSDS, available in 250GB, 500GB and 1TB capacity, and 2.5-inch SATA III SSDS will provide customers with speed and reliability solutions ahead of the new product launches.

SK Hynix announced the launch of 128-layer 4D TLC NAND in June. Compared with 96-layer 4D TLC NAND, its production efficiency has increased by 40%. In less than half a year, SK Hynix delivered engineering samples based on 128-layer 1Tb 4D NAND to major customers in November, including 1TB UFS 3.1, 2TB client cSSD, and 16TB enterprise eSSD. It is planned to achieve 5G in 2020. Commercial for mobile, PC, and enterprise markets

SK hynix is not only a major supplier of NAND Flash and DRAM. After the acquisition of LAMD company in 2012, SK hynix also has its own main control research and development capability, which has prominent advantages in the layout of SSD products. However, in the early years, SK hynix did not have a major breakthrough in the SSD consumer market, so it quietly withdrew.In 2019, SK hynix returned to the SSD consumer market and launched SuperCore series of SSD products based on 72-layer TLC 4D NAND, which were sold in the north American market.

SK hynix's forthcoming two consumer PCIe NVMe SSD "Gold P31" and "Platinum P31" will open in SSD market new war, because based on SK hynix 128 layer 1 TB TLC NAND the SSD will have more capacity advantage, expected may not only through the amazon sales in North America market, in 2020 or will expand to markets such as Europe, meet the market growing storage requirements

For data center area, SK hynix will also launch 16TB eSSD based on 128-layer 1Tb TLC NAND, a new specification form e1.l, support the latest NVMe1.4 protocol and PCIe interface, will start mass production in the second half of 2020, large capacity storage space can store more than 1000 15GB 4K UHD movies

In addition to SK hynix, currently published 128 layer 3 d NAND technology and samsung, samsung is also introduced in June 2019 the sixth generation V - NAND (128 256 gb 3 d TLC NAND), mass production in August 250 gb SATA SSD, now production 128 TLC 3 d layer 512 gb NAND, will speed up the import to the application of SSD and eUFS armoured spiderman/western data, such as meguiar will in 2020 128 layer 3 d NAND technology development,Intel will even launch the 144-tier QLC NAND in 2020.

Whether it's 128 or 144 layers, TLC or QLC, 3D NAND single Die capacity is being mass-produced to 1Tb as the number of 3D stacked layers increases and QLC begins to be commercially available, eventually increasing capacity and reducing cost per GB.This will be more favorable for SSDS to expand their application in the market, especially to meet the demand of data center and enterprise market for large-capacity SSDS.