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EM68B16CWQH-25H Image

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DDR2 32Mx16 PC800

Etron Technology, Inc.
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Lead free / RoHS Compliant
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EM68B16CWQH-25H détails du produit


• JEDEC Standard Compliant

• JEDEC standard 1.8V I/O (SSTL_18-compatible)

• Power supplies: VDD & VDDQ = +1.8V ± 0.1V

• Operating temperature: TC = 0~85°C

• Supports JEDEC clock jitter specification

• Fully synchronous operation

• Fast clock rate: 333/400/533MHz

• Differential Clock, CK & CK#

• Bidirectional single/differential data strobe

- DQS & DQS#

• 4 internal banks for concurrent operation

• 4-bit prefetch architecture

• Internal pipeline architecture

• Precharge & active power down

• Programmable Mode & Extended Mode registers

• Posted CAS# additive latency (AL): 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

• WRITE latency = READ latency - 1 tCK

• Burst lengths: 4 or 8

• Burst type: Sequential / Interleave

• DLL enable/disable

• Off-Chip Driver (OCD)

- Impedance Adjustment

- Adjustable data-output drive strength

• On-die termination (ODT)

• RoHS compliant

• Auto Refresh and Self Refresh

• 8192 refresh cycles / 64ms

• 84-ball 8x12.5x1.2mm (max) FBGA

- Pb and Halogen Free


Overview The EM68B16C is a high-speed CMOS DoubleData-Rate-Two (DDR2), synchronous dynamic randomaccess memory (SDRAM) containing 512 Mbits in a 16- bit wide data I/Os. It is internally configured as a quad bank DRAM, 4 banks x 8Mb addresses x 16 I/Os. The device is designed to comply with DDR2 DRAM key features such as posted CAS# with additive latency, Write latency = Read latency -1, Off-Chip Driver (OCD) impedance adjustment, and On Die Termination(ODT). All of the control and address inputs are synchronized with a pair of externally supplied differential clocks. Inputs are latched at the cross point of differential clocks (CK rising and CK# falling). All I/Os are synchronized with a pair of bidirectional strobes (DQS and DQS#) in a source synchronous fashion. The address bus is used to convey row, column, and bank address information in RAS #, CAS# multiplexing style. Accesses begin with the registration of a Bank Activate command, and then it is followed by a Read or Write command. Read and write accesses to the DDR2 SDRAM are 4 or 8-bit burst oriented; accesses start at a selected location and continue for a programmed number of locations in a programmed sequence. Operating the four memory banks in an interleaved fashion allows random access operation to occur at a higher rate than is possible with standard DRAMs. An auto precharge function may be enabled to provide a self-timed row precharge that is initiated at the end of the burst sequence. A sequential and gapless data rate is possible depending on burst length, CAS latency, and speed grade of the device.


WQ: indicates 8x12.5x1.2mm (max) FBGA package

H: indicates Generation Code

H*: indicates Pb and Halogen Free 


Request a quote EM68B16CWQH-25H at censtry.com. All items are new and original with 180 days warranty! The excellent quality and guaranteed services of EM68B16CWQH-25H In Stock for Sale, Check stock quantity and pricing, view product specifications, and order online.
The price and lead time for EM68B16CWQH-25H depending on the quantity required, Please send your request to us, Our sales team will provide you price and delivery within 24 hours, We sincerely look forward to cooperating with you.

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Commentaires des clients

  • ****rew B***** 2021-09-23

    John was very professional. Parts came quick with no hassles. Looking forward to our next order.

  • ****I PROS***** 2021-09-23

    Many thanks for the fast quotation and fast shipment. Parts was perfect!! Thanks Oliver ;)

  • ****gey Vasilievich Zhez***** 2021-09-23

    nice doing business with Tomohiro, always good quality and fast shipment...

  • ****66236 PEDRO PE***** 2021-09-23

    Paul is honest and easy to work with. Payment was sent immediately.

  • **omas Hov*** 2021-09-22

    Professional company, quick respoonse. All new in original. Reliable supplier in China. I hope we will do much more business in the future.

  • **ob*** 2021-09-21


  • **r. P*** 2021-09-18

    Shirley and Uri are a great team; they went the extra mile on a very small order by providing pictures, exact reel quantities on several partials which required a manual recount and they even drove my parts to a UPS drop box since the order came in after their UPS daily pickup! Thanks for going the extra mile Shirley and Uri!

  • **obin H*** 2021-09-13

    Supplied great parts and had a couple of smooth orders with them.

  • **cott Fra*** 2021-09-02

    Good Supplier ,fast shipping ,competitive price ,thanks

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