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America Techcode Semiconductor, Inc. has become a global leader in the design and manufacturing of high-performance analog ICs. With its 12 years of analog design capabilities and power management system knowledge, Techcode continues to design and manufacture high-quality products backed by its states-of-the-art testing facilities.
Techcode’s “IC Design Company Without Borders” business model allows the company to address high-volume markets with leading-edge products by utilizing multiple strategic manufacturing alliances in place of conventional wafer foundries.  These alliances allow Techcode to exchange its innovative and proprietary technologies for access to advanced, high-volume, yet low-cost manufacturing facilities. Techcode maintains close strategic collaborations with fabs such as TSMC and assemblers such as ST Micro.
Techcode’s product lines are divided into three application areas:
1. DC-DC converters
2. Voltage regulators
3. Audio Amplifiers
America Techcode Semiconductor, Inc. is committed to meeting the highest standards in quality. It has been certified according to the international quality management standards of the ISO9001 in 2010.
Techcode will remain dedicated to their customers and promises to stay close to you in every step you take.

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